Expedition offers Automated Vehicle Location (AVL) solutions for transit, municipal and corporate fleets to keep managers and riders informed. 


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Intelligent Transportation

Expedition offers vehicle tracking solutions using off-the-shelf hardware and telecom data to bring your fleet online quickly and affordably.      

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Advanced Communication

Improve rider experience and communicate in real-time. Expedition's smart transit interactive channel supports advanced communications including alerts and messages. 

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Seamless Data Integration

Smart Transit integrated data provides real-time data, planning and performance.

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Expedition provides an online, digital and interactive Smart Transit System that provides: Live Vehicle Tracking, Route Management tools and Intelligent data reporting through an intuitive Administrator Dashboard and Rider App to keep managers and riders informed in real-time.  


Expedition's in-vehicle tracking software operates on most Android devices to quickly bring fleets online with convenience and affordability in mind.   


Tracking fleets and informing riders has never been easier and more affordable. Expedition's true SaaS offering eliminates the time and costs associated with conventional implementations and commitments. Monthly user-based subscriptions provide fleet managers and owners with the flexibility to turn features on or off and to match their needs and budgets on 30-day terms.        

Connect with Expedition to learn about the most convenient, affordable and flexible tracking solution on the market.



With Expedition, municipalities and fleets can be online with a quick and affordable solution to track vehicles and inform managers and riders in real-time. Managers can build better transit offerings with the rich data gathered through our platform and keep riders informed. 


Our range of features can be implemented to simply track fleets for riders or provide a full suite of management tools through an online Admin Dashboard to track vehicles, generate incident reports, review data and create and edit routes that can be published in real-time. 


Expedition's integrated GTFS route manager provides the ability to quickly and easily manage transit routes by creating, modifying and publishing routes to Google and the Rider App with the click of a button. 


Our customers enjoy easy and affordable installations that utilize off-the-shelf tablets and mounting hardware, and the flexibility to choose the features and packages to meet their needs and budgets.  


Expedition's platform is ideally suited for customers that are new to the world of vehicle tracking or are looking for a more affordable option that provides greater flexibility to meet their needs and budgets.


We understand that our customers often lack the time or resources to become experts in technology and want a system that is intuitive and does not require a college degree in computer science to operate. We guarantee that you'll consider yourself an expert on Expedition's platform, before committing to our solution. 


We appreciate that our customers are often presented with situations that require quick and easy access to information to mitigate potential liabilities and to avoid miscommunication with riders. We guarantee that you'll have quick and easy access to information to make informed decisions about your drivers, riders and routes.

We value honesty and integrity and appreciate that our customers are faced with challenges unique to their operation. If you can present a unique challenge for us, we'll guarantee that you'll receive an honest and straight answer as to whether or not we can rise to the challenge. If we're not equipped to resolve the problem, we'll find someone who can. 


ExpeditionConnect - Easy to understand Smart Transit Solutions for busy people like you!   



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